Announcing"Hidden Losses"

We are excited to announce plans to incorporate "You Follow Me Like the Moon" into a feature documentary, "Hidden Losses" which will be available as a sensitivity training tool for professional counselors and to the medical community at large.

Ron Herrsche will be collaborating with veteran documentarians, Hal McArthur of McArthur Communications, Inc and Tom Kennedy of Kennetic, LLC for the film's production.  Sarah Kye Price, PhD, Associate Professor in Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth University and past president of PLIDA ( Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Alliance), has agreed to be our expert consultant/advisor.

Part I of the film will be a scene that simulates a group counseling session of six people and one group leader.  They will be in a room with a large TV screen.  Snippets of the story in "You Follow Me Like the Moon" will be viewed by the group followed by group discussions.

Part II will be interviews with various counselors, therapists and other experts in the field of pregnancy loss.  Mikela, whose story inspired the original film, and her family will also be interviewed.

No one can deny that the emotional impact of losing a child is devastating; yet, the support a mother gets who has lost her child during pregnancy is typically absent because it is an invisible loss to everyone else.  She must suffer her loss in isolation, which can have negative emotional consequences, reverberating into the family and society for decades.

"Hidden Losses" will explore the full gamut of this issue with the intent to increase awareness and to facilitate professionals to better serve their clients and bring about healing of an issue which has been ignored far too long!

We are presently seeking funds to begin production through tax deductible donations.  For more information on how you can help make this project a reality, contact Ron Herrsche.  Phone:  804-435-6102  Email:


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