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Production Process

Funding The Project

The money required to produce a film of high quality in today's world is substantial. So much so that a figure of five million dollars for a feature length movie is considered “low-budget”.

So, Midvale Movies' plan for the initial phase of "You Follow Me Like the Moon "is to start small: we intend to produce a 25 minute short film that will have the necessary emotional impact as well as high production values. The initial budget will be $75,000 for the pre-production and production costs. The amount of funding we receive will directly affect the quality of the final product.

Carole Dean

Thanks to Carole Dean and her company, From The Heart Productions, a 501 C3 non-profit organization, all donations are 100% tax deductible.

Carole Dean was instrumental in the birth of the Hollywood independent film community because she offered film to Indies at prices they could afford, allowing many producers to go on to great success.

While managing her film company she created From the Heart Productions and produced over 100 cable programs. In 1992 Carole created the Roy W. Dean Grant Foundation which provides film grants, editing grants and mentorship programs that to date have provided filmmakers with millions of dollars in goods and services and have played an instrumental role in establishing careers of the industry’s most talented filmmakers.

Staffing The Project

Since this is a film about women and it is primarily for women, Midvale Movies plans to hire women for all of the creative positions: Director, Director of Photography/Cinematographer, Production Designer, Art Director and Editor. It will be a film about women, which will be made by women – for women!

Ashley Zahorian - Director

Ashley ZahorianAshley Zahorian is a director, writer, and producer hailing from Norfolk, Virginia. She is an award-winning director and the president of Something Like Real Pictures. Works written and directed by Zahorian have gained international awards and attention.

She earned a Master in Fine Arts in Cinema-Television from Regent University, where she now teaches film as an adjunct professor while directing films. She is also a published author with two co-authored books and numerous articles.

From The Director

I could instantly relate to Mikela and connected with this important story from the first reading. My own daughter just turned one and I can vividly remember dealing with fears of miscarriage during pregnancy. I have several friends who have recently gone through miscarriages and had trouble finding any support. Part of my husband’s job includes helping people cope with the loss of loved ones and he often has to help people even allow themselves to acknowledge their son or daughter who passed away in miscarriage.

Everywhere around me, I can see a need for a story like Mikela’s to be told. When Ron approached me to direct this short film, I knew it wasn't just a job – this is a story I am passionate to help tell.

Film Screenings And Awards For Ashley Zahorian

Fallen – Best Silent Film from Coney Island Film Festival (2011)
Fallen – Official Selection/Nomination for Best Actress in the Otis Film Festival (2011)
Menna – Showcase Selection in The Reel Dame Film Festival (2011)
Menna – Screening and Director Discussion in the James River Filmmakers Forum (2011)
Menna – Official Selection in the Otis Film Festival (2011)
Menna – Second Round Finalist in Women’s Voices Now (2011)
Welcome Home – Screening/Official Selection in the Otis Film Festival (2011)
Daniel Blankenship Testimony – Official Selection in the Otis Film Festival (2011)
Daniel Blankenship Testimony – Featured film on the Regent University homepage (2010-
Viable – Diploma from The 38th Festival of Nations (2010)
Viable – Official Selection in the Regent University Film Showcase (2009)

Sheila SmithSheila Smith - Cinematographer

Sought after world-wide, she has been the Director of Photography for Film and Television shows for twenty-plus years.  Her many years of talented experience is a tremendous asset to our project.  We feel very lucky to have her join our project immediately after returning from filming in India.


Audrey HurdAudrey Hurd - Assistant Director

She has worked with our Director, Ashley Zahorian, on several award-winning films.  Together, they will bring their movie-making magic to our project.