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The Company

Ron HerrscheRon Herrsche

Ron is the principal producer of Midvale Movies, LLC.   The name is a tribute to his father, John Herrsche.  Although John never even went to high school, he was a massively hard working entrepreneur and built a thriving Moving Business in Parsippany, NJ, during the ‘60s.

At the age of fourteen, Ron started helping his dad deliver appliances for department stores, using his 1954 red pick-up truck.  It had power steering, which meant back then that it took a lot of power to steer it!

From that old pick-up truck, John bought a small moving van – also pretty old - to start a moving company.   The Herrsche's lived on Midvale Avenue, so John named his new company Midvale Movers.  He grew that single-truck moving company into a fleet of four spanking new large vans and eventually went interstate with Global Van Lines.

Ron never worked so hard in his life, and yet never had so much fun working alongside his dad, his brother and his high school friends he hired for the busy summer months.

Ron looks forward to working just as hard (well, maybe not that hard) but having just as much fun working with all the people it takes to produce meaningful films at his brand new Midvale Movies, LLC. 

And it’s funny to think that after all these years, he still has a desire to move people!