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The Film

How It Came About

In Producer Ron Herrsche's own words:

"Movies have the ability to evoke powerful emotions, powerful enough sometimes to facilitate life-changing breakthroughs.

I had one such breakthrough many years ago with the movie, “Ordinary People”. It helped me get in touch with feelings I didn't even know I had concerning the death of my oldest brother growing up in New Jersey, which gave me the opportunity to work through them over the years.

You Follow Me Like the Moon” is the true-story based on my daughter’s loss of her baby at her fourth month of pregnancy.

I see it as a “Mini – Ordinary People ” for women and families who have experienced the physical and emotional trauma of losing a child during pregnancy or delivery. Prior to this experience, I had no idea how many women suffer this loss.

Research shows that 50% of all (including the first 2 weeks when people don’t know they are pregnant and never know they were) pregnancies end in miscarriage. That number drops to around 10-25% after the 3rd week. Women in there 20s-30s are around 10-15, while 35+ is about 25%. 80% of all miscarriages happen in the first 12 weeks. After 12 weeks or the first trimester the chance of miscarriage drops to around 1-3% depending on age and health of the mother.

While in the hospital, several nurses expressed that they had lost babies during pregnancies. And since then, I have been astounded by how many women have been quietly suffering their losses without getting very much support from the people around them, since there are no physical scars.

I will get this film in the hands of the people for whom it is being made: to the silent sufferers and their families, friends and co-workers for a hope of healing"